I never ran off to Paris, it’s a lie!

I’ve just been a bad blogger, ignoring my blog and all my blogging friends out there- will you ever forgive me?

It has been a long and busy six weeks.  Remember when I moved all that gravel back in May? Well I thought that I would eventually bounce back, after all, what doesn’t kill you, right? Come to find out that I have Fibromyalgia.  But that’s okay. It’s better than a lot of other things that I can think of. So I am trying not to over do it, and I’m going down the Paleo road as a means to contain it. Some days are great, and some days I wake up feeling like a 90 year old.

When I wake up like that, I say “perfect, perfect, perfect! Thank you universe!”  And I mean every word of it, then I plan my day accordingly.

So far so good.

I also found out that our little Corgi Pippin has Lymphoma. That news was harder to take, but with medicine he is doing better and we will be able to have him around a bit longer.  He is my special little guy and we are enjoying our time together. Heaven is in his eyes and Dog is God spelled backwards. That pretty much sums it up for me.

On the upside, I got a newer car (*LOVE*) and I am now able to travel around again. Yes!

I have been to Portland twice to visit my daughter. It is crazy there, crazy! But so am I, so it feels like home.

The garden is doing well, as you shall see. I am so happy with it and wouldn’t change a thing (she said as she mentally noted all the plants she plans on moving in the fall). I hope this update finds you and yours well and groovin’ in the sunshine.

Till next time….

“China Road” lilies are 6 feet tall and incredibly fragrant…..


The vegetable garden…

Early morning….

To the right of the front porch….


14 thoughts on “I never ran off to Paris, it’s a lie!

  1. Sorry to hear you’re suffering dear friend.. Sending you healing thoughts and energy.. Your garden is a sight to behold – you are a creative goddess! Neinah

  2. Your garden is looking an absolute picture – it really is stunning. Sorry to hear you are suffering – I have had FM so I know what you are going through. Hope it eases up soon.

  3. There was me imagining you strolling around the boulevards, sitting in cafes with a little aperitif and a coffee. I am sorry to learn that you’ve been unwell and wish you a speedy recovery.
    The garden is stunning and an inspiration.
    Welcome back you’ve been missed.

  4. Susan – there you are! Hello!!
    I’m sorry to hear that you have FM but glad that you’re taking care of yourself. Poor little Pippin… your heart felt words made me cry x
    Your garden is SO beautiful. The colours remind me of something that Monet would have painted, you should be really happy with it.
    Take care and here’s a big hug –> ((( Susan )))

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