Road Trip….

We took a little road trip to Mt. Rainier last Saturday. It’s 2 hours and 15 minutes from where we live.

A warm breeze scented with fir and cedar greeted us when we arrived.

The sound of the river was so soothing.

Pippin and Bindle loved the taste of the fresh glacial water.

The streams and water falls in the woods were incredible.


While we had a picnic, Pips and Bindle rolled and rolled in the powdery dirt. Later, we loaded our two happy, tired, filthy dogs into the car and headed home.

We drove down the the mountain as the sun was setting.  A light mist was falling. We played Sufjan Stevens and Sigur Ros, and stopped for hot coffee in a little town before gliding on, through the night towards home.


It was the most wonderful day. I will treasure it always.

-Till next time…….


Saturday Morning…..

Take a Stroll……

Let me take you on a short little stroll from the front of the house to the back….We should be back in time for morning vespers and tea while it is still cool and the buzz of the air conditioner does not disturb the silence.


looking out towards the front garden...

looking out towards the front garden…

My home- buried alive in greenery, just the way I like it.

The front porch….. You can still get in without a machete.


Looking down over the shaggy lawn towards the pond…

Taking a left, brace yourself, I haven’t weeded all summer!

Just walk down the path and take a right through the arbor….

The little waterfalls here and there are overgrown and shady…

The pavers are filled with weeds, but you can still see that I had a vision for the area.

My favorite hydrangea…


At this point we have to turn around as it is too over grown to allow entrance.

Into the shade of the house……

Thank you for visiting,
Until next time….















I never ran off to Paris, it’s a lie!

I’ve just been a bad blogger, ignoring my blog and all my blogging friends out there- will you ever forgive me?

It has been a long and busy six weeks.  Remember when I moved all that gravel back in May? Well I thought that I would eventually bounce back, after all, what doesn’t kill you, right? Come to find out that I have Fibromyalgia.  But that’s okay. It’s better than a lot of other things that I can think of. So I am trying not to over do it, and I’m going down the Paleo road as a means to contain it. Some days are great, and some days I wake up feeling like a 90 year old.

When I wake up like that, I say “perfect, perfect, perfect! Thank you universe!”  And I mean every word of it, then I plan my day accordingly.

So far so good.

I also found out that our little Corgi Pippin has Lymphoma. That news was harder to take, but with medicine he is doing better and we will be able to have him around a bit longer.  He is my special little guy and we are enjoying our time together. Heaven is in his eyes and Dog is God spelled backwards. That pretty much sums it up for me.

On the upside, I got a newer car (*LOVE*) and I am now able to travel around again. Yes!

I have been to Portland twice to visit my daughter. It is crazy there, crazy! But so am I, so it feels like home.

The garden is doing well, as you shall see. I am so happy with it and wouldn’t change a thing (she said as she mentally noted all the plants she plans on moving in the fall). I hope this update finds you and yours well and groovin’ in the sunshine.

Till next time….

“China Road” lilies are 6 feet tall and incredibly fragrant…..


The vegetable garden…

Early morning….

To the right of the front porch….

A Little Bit of Sunshine…..

Yesterday evening there was a break in the rain for a few hours. I sat outside with Pips and Bindle and a cup of hot tea and enjoyed the garden. It makes me SOOOO Happy!

Things are filling in….

I love the feather grass, the way the light catches it and the way it moves in the wind.

I am also working a bit. I have rented a stall in a 2nd hand store to sell items.   All of that takes time and work, and though I love it and find it tremendously enjoyable, it does not leave me as much time to garden. Oh well, it will all get done eventually.

Or not, Summer has a way of passing by much too quickly, and leaving me standing with my mouth hanging open as I watch it fade into Autumn.

But I can’t think about that now, it is still ahead of me, and that is the best time of all.

Namaste Girl Scouts,

Have a lovely Sunday.



June Garden Update……

What? It’s been 10 days since I last posted?  Whatever! Here are some pics of my gardens’ progress.

The plants in the new bed are coming along.

The paths are now covered in gravel. The only trouble being that once you fix one eyesore, It makes other problems stand out like sore thumbs. The plantings here have no cohesion, They simply do not make sense.

Here’s another view. There are very few contrasts, and too many dark plants for such a shady area. And what’s with the left side? It looks like I just stuck whatever in and walked away (which is what I did). Time for a rip-o-rama my friends!

Too many fickety fracken greens y’all! And see that big gaping hole in the middle? I’m thinking a lush, large leafed Hosta in a golden tone would brighten that up.

Enough with the fussing! Let me introduce you to somebody you should know. This is Blue Wheat grass. It is my favorite grass in all of Grassdom. It is also the BLUEST grass you will ever find.

I have yet to find a color that isn’t enhanced by being next to it.

Just remember that it needs sharp drainage to make it through the winters.

This is my second favorite grass. I love its lemony-limeness and the way it catches the sunlight (when there is some to catch). Unfortunately, I can’t remember its name and I’m too lazy to look it up. Ayo!

Jumping over to the vegetable garden, check out the blossoms on these heirloom violet podded peas. I hope they taste as good as they look.

In the Rhubarb border, the peonies are putting on quite a show.

And last but not least, another little plant that I cannot remember the name of, but which I could gaze upon ’till the cows come home. Does anyone know the name of this little sweetheart? Thanks for dropping by.
“Till next time…..





Notice Anything Different?

Tuh Duh!

That’s right peeps, Mama’s got gravel!

Every morning feels like Christmas to me now. I have gravel!

The downside? I over did it, and so for the past 4 days I have been dragging myself around like the walking dead.

The day that the gravel was delivered I ended up filling, moving and dumping and/or raking out around 30 full barrow loads of top soil, sandy loam and (mostly) gravel. The day before that I had moved around 12 – 15 loads of compost, and let me tell you, I am not used to that kind of work, and so my 50-something body threw a serious fit.

The day after my 30 load insanity stunt I found that I only had just enough strength to weakly pluck a fistful of fresh mint leaves and make myself a Mojito before collapsing into a chair in the shade to look at my beautiful graveled garden (I repeated this scenario again and again and again in a vain attempt to regain my strength. ‘Didn’t work.).

The driveway was WAY too much for me. Thank goodness it was the weekend and my darling husband took over that job.

It has been about the same since then, as I slowly recover. What a  nutcake! I am going to try to control myself from now on.   …..I think.

Anywho, enough with the bitchin’ and whining,  here are the “after” photos.

I can hardly wait to get the border on the left mulched, it will really make the colors pop.

The driveway has a fresh layer of gravel also.

It looks wonderful in the evening also…..

And in the vegetable garden, the plastic row covers have come off at last. Those things are such an eyesore! Just the wall-o-water’s remaining keeping the warm weather crops cozy and warm until the weather heats up.  And see all those weeds? they are gonna get death by gravel pretty soon!

Almost Wordless Tuesday (I’ve always been a bit rebellious)


Indoor Gardening

It’s been raining out, but that’s okay as I’ve been busy doing a bit of gardening indoors.

Last weekend I went to a sale (okay, I know I said I was giving them up, but they are so fun, so I think that I will go again, for a while at least…) and found the perfect glass case for my Britains collection. I collected them over a few years time many years ago, but displaying them was so difficult. Talk about a million little dust collectors!  So when I spied this piece, I knew that I had finally found a home for my collection.

It’s a great glass case with plenty of room for the garden to expand.

These tiny pieces were made in Britain in the 1930’s for children to play with. They were made out of lead (I know, right?) and each piece was hand painted in wonderful colors.

I have everything I could ever want, only in miniature. I have a greenhouse…..

Bee skeps, and a cold frame…

A pond and a thatched cottage….

and chickens and a dovecote.

In this little world, time passes slowly, and there is always time to sit and rest and enjoy the view.

Thanks for visiting.

Till next time….

Garden Update, What I haven’t been doing….

While I’ve been recovering from (minor) surgery and working on the front gardens, the garden in the back has gone wild and weedy.

Get out your machetes people….

I’m not showing you the worst here……… but you can’t see the paths for the weeds.

Pink Clematis is bloom….

Weedy terrace thing, but the plants are coming up nicely.

Mossy area is filling in, along with a couple of hundred little weeds.

Looking like the Lost Gardens of Heligan…..

The area destined to be the Gothic garden……Looking lost in a sea of weeds.

‘Till next time……….



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