Take a Stroll……

Let me take you on a short little stroll from the front of the house to the back….We should be back in time for morning vespers and tea while it is still cool and the buzz of the air conditioner does not disturb the silence.


looking out towards the front garden...

looking out towards the front garden…

My home- buried alive in greenery, just the way I like it.

The front porch….. You can still get in without a machete.


Looking down over the shaggy lawn towards the pond…

Taking a left, brace yourself, I haven’t weeded all summer!

Just walk down the path and take a right through the arbor….

The little waterfalls here and there are overgrown and shady…

The pavers are filled with weeds, but you can still see that I had a vision for the area.

My favorite hydrangea…


At this point we have to turn around as it is too over grown to allow entrance.

Into the shade of the house……

Thank you for visiting,
Until next time….















13 thoughts on “Take a Stroll……

  1. I love all your greenery – it looks like a secret garden. Sometimes weeds are easier to manage when they’re a little bigger anyway, they stop the little weeds coming through and give a rustic charm… have I convinced you yet??!!
    I’m glad to see weeds as it means that you’re not over doing things x
    Loving your hydrangeas!

    • Thanks PJ,
      Here’s the weird thing, if it were not my garden, I would love it. I love the secret garden feel of an overgrown garden. But being as it is mine, it makes my hair stand on end. All those seed heads! It has only been 1 year of neglect on the paths and this is what becomes of it!
      I am being pretty good, and I have switched to a Paleo diet (goodbye sugar and flour :(…..) and it seems to make a difference.
      Thanks for dropping by, you are such a sweetie!

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