Road Trip….

We took a little road trip to Mt. Rainier last Saturday. It’s 2 hours and 15 minutes from where we live.

A warm breeze scented with fir and cedar greeted us when we arrived.

The sound of the river was so soothing.

Pippin and Bindle loved the taste of the fresh glacial water.

The streams and water falls in the woods were incredible.


While we had a picnic, Pips and Bindle rolled and rolled in the powdery dirt. Later, we loaded our two happy, tired, filthy dogs into the car and headed home.

We drove down the the mountain as the sun was setting. Β A light mist was falling. We played Sufjan Stevens and Sigur Ros, and stopped for hot coffee in a little town before gliding on, through the night towards home.


It was the most wonderful day. I will treasure it always.

-Till next time…….


10 thoughts on “Road Trip….

    • Hi lovely lady! Yes, I have switched to a Paleo diet and it has made a big difference. The first two weeks were torture getting off all grains and sugars, but now they aren’t even on my radar.
      You should have seen Pips and Bindle, they slept like logs!
      Sending sunny thoughts for an Indian summer πŸ™‚

    • Ha! Love your joke!
      I so wanted to be a vegetarian but had to face the truth, I just work better with animal protein.
      Last Spring I found out that I had Fibromyalgia, and in an effort to lower the inflammation in my system, I have given up all grains and sugars. I think it has really helped (after the first 2 hellish weeks of withdrawal!) I didnt walk into it blind though, I have read a stack of books about it.
      Mmmmmn oatmeal and cookies……..sounds good.
      P.S. Washington IS beautiful, come and visit πŸ™‚

  1. A marvelous day and a reminder of why my son loves living out West. Not so clogged up as here in the Northeast where we have to travel so far to get to the great great outdoors! Love your dogs – we have a Pippa!

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