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Indoor Gardening

It’s been raining out, but that’s okay as I’ve been busy doing a bit of gardening indoors.

Last weekend I went to a sale (okay, I know I said I was giving them up, but they are so fun, so I think that I will go again, for a while at least…) and found the perfect glass case for my Britains collection. I collected them over a few years time many years ago, but displaying them was so difficult. Talk about a million little dust collectors!  So when I spied this piece, I knew that I had finally found a home for my collection.

It’s a great glass case with plenty of room for the garden to expand.

These tiny pieces were made in Britain in the 1930’s for children to play with. They were made out of lead (I know, right?) and each piece was hand painted in wonderful colors.

I have everything I could ever want, only in miniature. I have a greenhouse…..

Bee skeps, and a cold frame…

A pond and a thatched cottage….

and chickens and a dovecote.

In this little world, time passes slowly, and there is always time to sit and rest and enjoy the view.

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Till next time….

Garden Update, What I haven’t been doing….

While I’ve been recovering from (minor) surgery and working on the front gardens, the garden in the back has gone wild and weedy.

Get out your machetes people….

I’m not showing you the worst here……… but you can’t see the paths for the weeds.

Pink Clematis is bloom….

Weedy terrace thing, but the plants are coming up nicely.

Mossy area is filling in, along with a couple of hundred little weeds.

Looking like the Lost Gardens of Heligan…..

The area destined to be the Gothic garden……Looking lost in a sea of weeds.

‘Till next time……….



Garden Update, What I’ve been doin’…

A little update on my gardens…….

Finally, a bit of balance around the ol’ pot. Bit by bit I am get things planted.

I am an impatient gardener, so the “dit-dot” look of new plantings bugs me. I want lush, filled in, NOW.

As you can see, the warm weather that we have been having has been making everything go bananas.

The chives are almost ready to bloom, picking up the color of the magnolia and the alliums.

The spuderoonies are up.

Hey, why does the bed on the left look SO much better than the other ones?
Cuz I stained it black, that’s why!

I got 3 more beds stained before the heat drove us back inside. Pippin is feigning dead for the photo.

I am dreaming of gravel for the paths, right now as you read this. I will have gravel, I will!

T.N.T. peeps!

Paris Time Capsule…..

The Paris Time Capsule Apartment

A Parisian apartment left untouched for over 70 years was discovered in the quartier of Pigalle a few summers ago and I’ve been meaning to share the pictures with you. Time to unlock the vault …


The owner of this apartment, Mrs. De Florian left Paris just before the rumblings of World War II broke out in Europe. She closed up her shutters and left for the South of France, never to return to the city again. Seven decades lataway she passed away at the age of 91. It was only when her heirs enlisted the help of professionals to make an inventory of the Parisian apartment she left behind, that this time capsule was finally unlocked.

The team that had the honor of unlocking what must have been a very stiff old lock for the first time in 70 years, likened the experience to ‘stumbling into the castle of sleeping beauty’. The smell of dust, the cobwebs, the silence, was overwhelming; a once in a lifetime experience.

There is a further twist to the story. In the apartment a painting of familiar style was discovered depicting a beautiful woman in a pink evening robe. One of the inventory team members suspected this might be a very important piece of treasure. Along with the painting, they also found stacks of old love letters tied with colored ribbon.

With some expert historical opinion, the ribbon-bound love letters were quickly recognized as the calling card of none other than Giovanni Boldini, one of Paris’ most important painters of the Belle Époque. The painting was his. The beautiful woman pictured in the painting was Mrs. de Florian’s grand-mother, Marthe de Florian, a beautiful French actress and socialite of the Belle Époque. She was Boldini’s muse. And, despite him being a married man, she was also his lover. The art world went a bit nutty for the whole story and the painting was later sold for $3 million at auction.

What I find so intriguing about this story is not so much the discovered painting and the revelation of a love affair between a great Italian painter and the beautiful actress in an enchanting era, but more the story of Mrs. de Florian and why she stayed away from Paris for so long.

What kept her away even after the war? Was she running away from someone or something other than the Nazis? For all those decades, her rent on the elegant apartment in a flourishing city had been faithfully paid all along, but it was left it to freeze in time. It all sounds like the perfect mystery.

This was a post on Messy Nessy Chic. Many Thanks for the great article.

Here is an additional post about it:

Vegetable Garden Update….

A quick update on the vegetable garden…..

Square foot style in this bed. Can you see the great wall of copper around it? Until I stain the beds, I don’t want to attach them to the sides, but I love that copper, and the way the slugs and snails don’t like it.

Shallots and peas….

I’m going for a patterned style in this bed. The bed behind it is filled with over wintered Chard and Arugula, with some young lettuce starts and Cilantro. We are loving the fresh salads filled with radishes and those tender delicate new leaves!

Can you see the Rhubarb to the left? It really went to town this year and we have a bumper crop so I have decided to get adventurous and I’m planning on making some Rhubarb Liquor.





Garden Update….

So here is a quick update about what I’ve been up to………

Last Sunday my brother came back with his back hoe and moved the pile of soil for me. I then got it all raked and shoveled into a garden bed. It was supposed to rain on Monday, which would make for much more work/sorer muscles.

Yep, it rained. ‘So glad I got that work done. So Monday I played around with the plants that are to go in this bed. A lot of these were moved from other beds because they became crowded out or shaded out. A lot have been in pots for a painfully long time. The tulips, I potted up last fall and wow, did they get big! The Phormiums I sliced off of the ones I had in the bed to the right. Watch out plants, there is going to be A LOT of slicing going on!

I also bought some new tables and chairs. I got them at World Market. Have I told you how much I love that place? They have the best designs at the best prices. I bought 3 of the small french tables and a whole bunch of chairs which I am going to paint a flat black (though that could change to a semi-gloss). I love black in the garden. LOVE IT!

The variegated silver dollar plant,

And another one with a different variegation. I love these guys.

’till next time……

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