Notice Anything Different?

Tuh Duh!

That’s right peeps, Mama’s got gravel!

Every morning feels like Christmas to me now. I have gravel!

The downside? I over did it, and so for the past 4 days I have been dragging myself around like the walking dead.

The day that the gravel was delivered I ended up filling, moving and dumping and/or raking out around 30 full barrow loads of top soil, sandy loam and (mostly) gravel. The day before that I had moved around 12 – 15 loads of compost, and let me tell you, I am not used to that kind of work, and so my 50-something body threw a serious fit.

The day after my 30 load insanity stunt I found that I only had just enough strength to weakly pluck a fistful of fresh mint leaves and make myself a Mojito before collapsing into a chair in the shade to look at my beautiful graveled garden (I repeated this scenario again and again and again in a vain attempt to regain my strength. ‘Didn’t work.).

The driveway was WAY too much for me. Thank goodness it was the weekend and my darling husband took over that job.

It has been about the same since then, as I slowly recover. What a  nutcake! I am going to try to control myself from now on.   …..I think.

Anywho, enough with the bitchin’ and whining,  here are the “after” photos.

I can hardly wait to get the border on the left mulched, it will really make the colors pop.

The driveway has a fresh layer of gravel also.

It looks wonderful in the evening also…..

And in the vegetable garden, the plastic row covers have come off at last. Those things are such an eyesore! Just the wall-o-water’s remaining keeping the warm weather crops cozy and warm until the weather heats up.  And see all those weeds? they are gonna get death by gravel pretty soon!


19 thoughts on “Notice Anything Different?

  1. OMG Susan… what were you thinking…?
    Don’t tell me, cause I get the same way… I’m a woman possessed… when it comes to getting long awaited things done in the garden… its so exciting… I totally relate… 50 something pains and all!!!
    p.s invite me over soon to view… pleeeeeze…. Neinah

    • Hey lady! Thanks for all of your commiserations. I was just thinking about you as I was raking out the gravel, Pretty soon my friend! Pretty soon. 🙂

  2. Hi Susan – I wondered what you were up to! Those Mojitos really slow me down too, and for some strange reason, I must be allergic to them as after my 5th I always get a headache 😉
    You must be thrilled to bits with your garden… all you hard work has paid off. Well done you… now have a rest for a while!

    • Ha! Mojitos got nothin’ on the gravel for takin’ a girl down!
      Yep I am taking it a bit easier, though you know how life is on a farm, work is never done.
      Thanks for visiting, I always look forward to hearing from you!

  3. Looks great, I am a gravel fan, have loads in my veg patch, but I had to stop my very early morning strolls around the beds as I kept waking my neighbours crunching around 🙂 no gravel strolls before 8 am now…

  4. Hi Susan, Congratulations! I know how tired you must be – but a good tired. I still have several paths to gravel and I can’t wait. The slugs are bad this year.
    I’ve moved the Potager Page to a new blog named “In the Light of the Sun”. Since you’re from the Pacific Nortwest I’m sure you can relate – come see!

    • Really?
      Quiz Questions: There is a famous rock shaped like a _ _ _ _.
      There are only _ stores on this island.
      This island has the best library in the _ _ _ _ _ .
      If you can answer these questions correctly, then we probably live on the same “brainless” island.

  5. Wow! Fantastic – I’m speechless with admiration.
    I think the garden gods may have a gravel surplus – i distinctly remember asking for mulch and now I’m getting more gravel – a gift from kind friends who are borrowing the concrete mixer. So all plans for relaxation cancelled. Perhaps I need to try this Mojito medicine to prepare my ageing body for more shoveling!

    • You are TOO sweet! Wow, a gift of gravel? Not bad my friend. One can never have enough good soil or gravel. You can quote me on that.
      I wish you beautiful weather over there.

      • Thanks. On the islands we have been enjoying the best weather in the UK for the last 2 months – and I do sympathise with the tribulations of my fellow gardeners further south I know how soul destroying gales and heavy rain can be.

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