Indoor Gardening

It’s been raining out, but that’s okay as I’ve been busy doing a bit of gardening indoors.

Last weekend I went to a sale (okay, I know I said I was giving them up, but they are so fun, so I think that I will go again, for a while at least…) and found the perfect glass case for my Britains collection. I collected them over a few years time many years ago, but displaying them was so difficult. Talk about a million little dust collectors!  So when I spied this piece, I knew that I had finally found a home for my collection.

It’s a great glass case with plenty of room for the garden to expand.

These tiny pieces were made in Britain in the 1930’s for children to play with. They were made out of lead (I know, right?) and each piece was hand painted in wonderful colors.

I have everything I could ever want, only in miniature. I have a greenhouse…..

Bee skeps, and a cold frame…

A pond and a thatched cottage….

and chickens and a dovecote.

In this little world, time passes slowly, and there is always time to sit and rest and enjoy the view.

Thanks for visiting.

Till next time….


4 thoughts on “Indoor Gardening

  1. I absolutely LOVE your collection, especially the greenhouse! And the case is just perfect- with room for more!

  2. The case is perfect – you must be so pleased! I love the little cold frame and child on the swing. It made me laugh when I saw the rabbit (?) in the wheelbarrow… I hope he was just asleep and not clobbered for being in the veg patch!!

    • Thanks PJ Girl,
      The rabbit (and a few other things) didn’t survive the move from the table to the top of the dresser and at that point I was cross-eyed from working with all those tiny things and too tired to care! But one of these days the little guy will be back up, ears flying in the wind as he gets wheeled around.
      I just wish they had made vegetable gardens for the series.

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