Garden Update, What I’ve been doin’…

A little update on my gardens…….

Finally, a bit of balance around the ol’ pot. Bit by bit I am get things planted.

I am an impatient gardener, so the “dit-dot” look of new plantings bugs me. I want lush, filled in, NOW.

As you can see, the warm weather that we have been having has been making everything go bananas.

The chives are almost ready to bloom, picking up the color of the magnolia and the alliums.

The spuderoonies are up.

Hey, why does the bed on the left look SO much better than the other ones?
Cuz I stained it black, that’s why!

I got 3 more beds stained before the heat drove us back inside. Pippin is feigning dead for the photo.

I am dreaming of gravel for the paths, right now as you read this. I will have gravel, I will!

T.N.T. peeps!


9 thoughts on “Garden Update, What I’ve been doin’…

  1. A great veg plot – trouble with gravel is the weeds love to seed in it. My chives aren’t in flower yet – I have been splitting them to edge my raised beds bit by bit – don’t ya just luv ’em.

    • Thank you so much. Yes, been there with the gravel weed thing. The trick is to do a bit year round, then it is pretty easy, but once you let it go- well, been there too!
      Have a lovely day.:)

  2. Aaaah, Ooooh, it looks beautiful, now I feel like I should get my butt outside and stain mine, although it is supposed to rain tomorrow, so I might wait till the weekend. And gravel, swoon…

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