Garden Update, What I haven’t been doing….

While I’ve been recovering from (minor) surgery and working on the front gardens, the garden in the back has gone wild and weedy.

Get out your machetes people….

I’m not showing you the worst here……… but you can’t see the paths for the weeds.

Pink Clematis is bloom….

Weedy terrace thing, but the plants are coming up nicely.

Mossy area is filling in, along with a couple of hundred little weeds.

Looking like the Lost Gardens of Heligan…..

The area destined to be the Gothic garden……Looking lost in a sea of weeds.

‘Till next time……….




15 thoughts on “Garden Update, What I haven’t been doing….

  1. Your garden looks great to me – weeds and all – I’m sure you’ll soon get it sorted. I quite like the overgrown jungley look.

    • That is too sweet of you! Sometimes I am able to enjoy it, and sometimes I just have to run away and get on with the “have to’s” of life. Someday hopefulyl I will get it done.

  2. I feel the same way, buy the time I had finshed weeding around the whole garden, the first area looks like I never touched it. I can’t see the weeds in yours, so hopefully you won’t see them in my photos as well.

    • Ha! So true. Things go wild on me so quick around here. It only takes 2 years to have Alder trees growing in my gardens. And no, I don’t see your weeds, just romantic loveliness.

  3. I think we all notice our own weeds more than other people do! I have nettles so high that I’m about to lose furniture in one part of the garden. I really must take some photos this weekend to show you! I love your moss patch!
    As for your machete… put the weapon down, step away from the ivy and have a cup of tea!

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