Vegetable Garden Update….

A quick update on the vegetable garden…..

Square foot style in this bed. Can you see the great wall of copper around it? Until I stain the beds, I don’t want to attach them to the sides, but I love that copper, and the way the slugs and snails don’t like it.

Shallots and peas….

I’m going for a patterned style in this bed. The bed behind it is filled with over wintered Chard and Arugula, with some young lettuce starts and Cilantro. We are loving the fresh salads filled with radishes and those tender delicate new leaves!

Can you see the Rhubarb to the left? It really went to town this year and we have a bumper crop so I have decided to get adventurous and I’m planning on making some Rhubarb Liquor.






8 thoughts on “Vegetable Garden Update….

    • It works like a charm, and to tell you the truth, I have a hard time salting slugs sometimes. They are just doing their job. and yeah, copper on black, mmmmmhmmmm.

  1. Your veg garden is looking great – it is always an exciting time of year seeing the beds burgeoning – my rhubarb has gone bananas too after all the rain we have been having – so much that I don’t really know what to do with it all.

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