Garden Update….

So here is a quick update about what I’ve been up to………

Last Sunday my brother came back with his back hoe and moved the pile of soil for me. I then got it all raked and shoveled into a garden bed. It was supposed to rain on Monday, which would make for much more work/sorer muscles.

Yep, it rained. ‘So glad I got that work done. So Monday I played around with the plants that are to go in this bed. A lot of these were moved from other beds because they became crowded out or shaded out. A lot have been in pots for a painfully long time. The tulips, I potted up last fall and wow, did they get big! The Phormiums I sliced off of the ones I had in the bed to the right. Watch out plants, there is going to be A LOT of slicing going on!

I also bought some new tables and chairs. I got them at World Market. Have I told you how much I love that place? They have the best designs at the best prices. I bought 3 of the small french tables and a whole bunch of chairs which I am going to paint a flat black (though that could change to a semi-gloss). I love black in the garden. LOVE IT!

The variegated silver dollar plant,

And another one with a different variegation. I love these guys.

’till next time……


4 thoughts on “Garden Update….

  1. Lovely pictures as always… and I’m loving your table and chair. I’m a bit of a shabby chic fan so I love old cream or white paint. I know you have a thing for black 😉 Whatever you do Susan will look classy and effortless (even though you work so hard!!).

    • Thank you! You are too sweet! Actually, I love black and white. My livingroom furniture is all white slip covers (actually, more like beige right now ‘cuz of the crazy gardening schedule) I LOVE white, and gray, mmmmmm, love gray, but never outside. I have very little space to store things, and there is nothing more morose to me, than white garden furniture out in the winter rains with a bunch of dead plants dying all around them. Also, with white outdoor stuff, the clean up seems to be constant, green tinges to everything in this climate. Maybe it’s just my yard I don’t know, and if I lived in a warm climate, I know that I would feel completely different about it. Some sun is headed our way (thank goodness) so my paint can is comin’ out, oh yeah!

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