What I’ve been up too……

Where did the time go? All I know is, my muscles ache everyday, and my house looks like a Hoarder’s Season Finale Special. I broke my oath of no garage sales (I was good for 2 whole years!) but boy did I score! I will tell all next week. Tuesday I have another visit to the hospital, no biggy, but I will be laid up so I will have more time to post and to catch up on all my lovely friends. Anyway, a bit of what I did:

The guy came to deliver the soil, but his truck was too big to get in, so he had to dump it on the driveway....So my brother will be making another visit today to move the sandy loam to its proper place. YAY! It is a good thing he only lives a couple of blocks up the road!

Plants continue to grow. Do you see why I love that Comfrey? P.S. It doesn't spread like the regular kind.

Fruit trees are in bloom and the veggies continue to grow. I got a couple of large pots at Costco for strawberries.

What I didn’t do: Β The laundry, the dishes, the vacuuming, and any other form of housework. The white slip-covers on my furniture are now beige with dirty dog paw prints all over them. The floor is gross and has that gritty feel to it ICK!

But it’s April, and the clock is ticking………..

Till next time…


21 thoughts on “What I’ve been up too……

  1. Your garden is beautiful.
    My husband takes a dim view of garage sale purchases during the moving process, so I am avidly waiting to see what you picked up. All the best with the medical stuff and enjoy the enforced rest.

    • Thank you so much! I suppose it wouldn’t bother me so much, but when there is no counter space left and the floors have that horrid gritty feel….ick, then it has gone too far. I am trying to make amends today though.

  2. There you are… hello! You obviously have a great brother and he’s done a good job. Your garden always looks so colouful. I can’t wait to see your hoard of treasure… take care Susan x x x

  3. Here’s to beautiful gardens, wonderful brothers and neglecting the chores.
    I do hope that you will be fully restored to good health soon, I’ll be waiting for the garden open sign to re-appear.

    • Thank you so much, you are too sweet! I hope I am back to gardening soon too, the thought of not being able to be working away is such a bummer! Oh well, I will get to enjoy gardening vicariously through you and everyone else in blogland.

  4. I also am shocked at how fast the last two weeks have gone, weeding every day, my back had been sipping pina coladas for the last 6 months, it is not used to this manual labour, lol. But I am loving it. Of course, the house looks like a tip, had some plaster work done over the winter, and dust is everywhere! But, I do not want to take valuable time away from the garden just for that, obviously I cannot have anyone over for the next month! Your garden is looking lovely, and sooo far ahead of mine.

    • Thanks Deborah, but actually, I am kind of a low energy person and I always pay if I do too much. Naps, gotta have them. Sometimes at the end of the day I will feel exhausted and when back tracking to find the source of said weariness, I will realize that I moved 3 or 4 plants. That really pisses me off! Oh to be one of those people (like most of the people in my family) who hit the tarmac running each day. I don’t know how they do it. By the middle of July, all energy is spent and I just want to sit and look at my garden and then I get back to work on my book.
      On a brighter note, I saved the “Queen of the Sun” movie for yesterday when I was recovering from surgery. It was SO good. I love those bees so much and can’t wait to have my own. I also watched Fresh, and Food Inc. on Netflix streaming. Fresh was new to me and was really good, you will have to check it out.
      So glad I met you out here in blogland!

      • Yes! Plus,the work ethic (as in don’t sit down unless you are deathly sick or dead) in my family is through the roof. I need to start out slowly, and have some quiet so I can think, or else my nerves start sparking and burning out. Luckily my husband and daughter are like me, so they understand. By 5 my energy is usually shot, so I’m cooking dinner with the “pilot light blown out” if you know what I mean. But hey, you were a lawyer, and aren’t Lawyers by their very nature energetic?

  5. Speaking of tired, I have to take a ferry back to Seattle today for a post-op. Bleh. I want to sit and be a bum and recover. I had the veins on my left leg done. Glad I don’t have anymore legs cuz I am so over this! I “came to” twice during surgery yesterday. The first time I opened my eyes and saw my left foot up in the air, some nurse was holding it up, I remember thinking, “what the – I can’t even kick that high!?!” The second time, the doctor was definitely slicing a little hole in my thigh, it really hurt. My anesthesiologist (whose name was George Bailey and was born the year It’s a wonderful life came out -too cute) said give me 30 seconds and you won’t feel anymore pain. Magic! Love those pain killers! But I can’t wait to start working in the garden again….sigh.
    …Excuse the blabbin’, don’t know what my trip is today.

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