A Patch of Blue…

To those who wondered about the patches of blue in my garden, here is a close up.

It was quite dark and rainy when I took these photos, but hopefully you will get the idea.


Well, it's pretty in real life, but it does look a bit drab in these photos.

These beds, which were bare a few months ago, are filling up more and more each day.

Please garden gods, give me gravel for the paths this year!

I clearly remember filling these beds with 10 yards of soil. Every. single. shovel full. It was worth it. I love my raised beds.

Till next time…….


12 thoughts on “A Patch of Blue…

  1. The Forget-me-nots are lovely and look great with the other plants. I’ve got soil envy – your shovel work was certainly worth the effort Susan and I can’t believe how dark and luscious it is! I hope the gardening gods bring you gravel… I’m just hoping the fairies do my weeding 😉

  2. Your garden looks amazing. You’ve worked so hard! I haven’t been able to get out yet – but am looking forward to some gardening this weekend. It’s supposed to be sunny and warm here in the NW.

    • Thank you so much Malinda, that is so sweet of you, but I must be honest in that it only looks decent because I avoid certain angles that “need some attention” to put it mildly 🙂
      I am so smitten with the cold frames your husband built. My husband and I have been trying to design something like that to fit over the raised beds. I just don’t care for the looks of the plastic row covers, even though that is what I’m using at the moment. I want to raise vegetables the year round, and I don’t think I could stomach old plastic blowing in the wind, y’know?
      I’m in the NW also, so I suppose we will be sharing the same weather this weekend.
      Have a great time out in the garden.

  3. I am hoping to gravel my kitchen garden as well this trip. Although, after the hours I spent weeding the gravel beds in the Flora Glade, I might regret it, they are certainly a great seedbed for weeds, but I also transplanted 13 European Gingers that had seeded in as well.

    • Sounds wonderful. Just remember to newspaper underneath instead of weed cloth- that stuff is so awful, I have regretted every square inch that I put down.

      • When I gravelled the Flora Glade, I just used newspapers. I had been thinking of weedcloth for the Kitchen Garden, as I find the worms just go through the newspapers. Usually I am a huge fan of worms, but they bring a big mess up to the surface of the gravel, which in turn allows for even more weeds. Not want I want on my paths, they can get as busy as they want in the beds.

  4. I just stumbled upon your blog. Nice planned out garden, and the Forget-me-nots were nice to see. Mine are not up yet here on the shores of Lake Michigan. One of these days – Spring will make it here! Jack

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