Spring Update….

Sugar Snaps on the rise...

A few days of warm sun have resulted in a flurry of activity in the garden. I have been busy sowing seeds, mulching (it never ends!) and yesterday I was up on a ladder putting roofing shingles on my garden swing.  I know it seems a bit early, but I just had to get my cushions and pillows out for the swing. If there is a return to winter, so be it, but I want a comfy place to take a break.


As you can see, the vegetable garden is waking up, and the rhubarb, interspersed with peonies and Iris is unfurling its leaves, along with the barrel of mint and 3 tee pees of peas.



I am thinking about staining the raised beds in the vegetable garden black. It would be so elegant – I think – at least I hope so. I can’t wait for painting weather to get here so I can get to work!

Until next time…….


17 thoughts on “Spring Update….

  1. Your garden looks so lovely with all those emerging plants! I love your mint barrel. I’m going to try that too (love it but don’t want it to take over my garden!)

  2. Your garden looks immaculate – not a weed or misplaced plant in sight. I don’t think you need raised beds – the elegance is already there.
    I’m intrigued by shingles on the garden swing – presumably it has some kind of roof? Now that is elegant!

    • Oh you are too sweet! About the weeds, I am subscribing to the mulch method as you can see. I am forever mulching, but there are less and less weeds every year. And where I don’t mulch? I don’t ever publish those X-rated photos!
      I have the raised beds already. I just haven’t photographed them yet. We had 2″ thick cedar milled for them a few years ago, and I filled every one of those beds myself, that took awhile! What you see in the photo is just the side borders with the raised bed in the foreground with the peas. Black is going to be so good! I think about it last thing at night and first thing in the morning (I know, crazy).
      The Swing came about because I didn’t like the looks of the commercial ones, but I love lawn swings, so nice to take a nap on. Anyway, I had my brother build the “porch thing” and hung an old swing from it. I works pretty good. I painted it black of course. You can see it in some of my garden photos from 2011.
      Thank you so much for the kind compliments. It keeps me moving forward instead of sitting on my butt all day.

  3. Wow! Susan… this is SOOO beautiful and proves that you don’t have to have solely herbaceous borders to make a wow statement!
    My mint is safely in a pot on the opposite side of the garden to the rest of the herbs…. it’s such a thug that I sometimes think that it’s trying to creep over to it’s friends whilst my back is turned!
    The elegance comes from the gardener and you have buckets of that… whatever you do will surely look lovely x

  4. Susan, funny you should mention staining your raised beds. When we built ours, 5 years ago, I had wanted to stain them blue. I remember seeing Sarah Ravens cutting garden and I was so inspired. We arranged for company to come visit and help with the building of the beds. Imagine my disappointment, when the paint clerk said we couldn’t stain them before, the wood would have to ‘age’ a bit. And you guessed it, it never got done. But you are inspiring me, look forward to seeing yours.

    • So, I went to reply to your post, but first I have to google Sarah Ravens, which led me down a rabbit hole and I now see that I have not answered your comment.
      I still have not found Sarah Raven’s raised beds, but they sound wonderful.
      I am partial to black in the garden, and cannot wait for a dry spell so I can get to them. And you know, it has to be done soon, before they are swallowed up and draped in vegetables.
      Wish me luck!

  5. Your garden looks so alive! Its delightful to see all the fresh growth. The play of colors with the black raised beds and dark soil would be very interesting. (not in a bad way!!) 🙂

  6. Beautiful. Your sugar snaps look great, Mine haven’t even stuck there heads out yet but hopeful it will happen soon then I can get them outside. Have just come in from a happy morning weeding.

    • Thanks Lorraine!
      Where are you located? I have never thought of planting mine inside before. I will have to try that.
      Your morning sounds delightful. Would you like to weed mine next?

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