Garden Updates….

I thought I would give you all a few garden updates.

I continue to sow seeds both indoor and outdoor under cloches. I am a crazy fool when it comes to vegetable varieties. I am always on the look out for unique flavors or more colorful choices. I can’t wait to try Wasabi Arugula. People seem to love it. And after hours of searching (I told you I was a crazy fool) I have decided on Autumn Jewel and red acres for my cabbages. If you must know, I grow cabbages more for their beauty than for eating…..they rival any flower in the garden, in my humble opinion.

Autumn Jewel

I have added two more sweet peas. What am I going to do when I can’t be sawing away at sweet pea seeds while waiting for the tea water to boil?

Apricot Sprite

High Scent

Also, I am trippin’ balls over a new variety of Heuchera called Spellbound. Neither one of these photos do it justice. It has the most amazing sheen and color tones and will be perfect for my Gothic garden (In the making). Black seems to compliment it best, and I’m thinking Black Mondo grass for a bed partner.

Heuchera Spellbound

Heuchera Spellbound

I have also found the name of this amazing flower which I will grow as an annual in my garden. It is called Trachelium “Pandora”. Finding seed for it was a real bitch, but SO worth it.

Trachelium "Pandora" blooming away in the right portion of the photo.

And I leave you with a photo from a neighbor’s garden. Her name is Linda Cochran, and she is one of the best gardeners in the country,  not to mention an incredible photographer and incredibly kind and generous. She has a lot of photos of her garden online, and can also be found in many books. She specializes in bold swathes of color, as you can see in this photo.

Till next time……..

Linda Cochran's Garden.


17 thoughts on “Garden Updates….

  1. Wow! The Trachelium is gorgeous… and would look lovely next to your red cabbages!! There are so many plants that I have yet to discover and I already love them all…

  2. I used to have a Black and White garden at my last house, jquite a few years ago, and black plants were not easy to find. I should start another, still really attracted to the idea.
    The cabbage are just so beautiful, sonce at the flower shop, we hollowed out the inside and inserted a glass cylinder and had an arrangement in it for a party, all the guests were amazed.

    • A black and white garden sounds very cool. So does the cabbage used as a vase, I can just imagine how incredible that would look.
      I am in love with the black/purple/glaucous blue color combination, with a touch of magenta or orange. so pretty together.

  3. The cabbage looks stunning – it’s one of my regular garden failures, along with cauliflowers, they always seem to bolt, or get munched to a holey heap by slugs, and if I’m honest I proably don’t water them enough. I see I need to pick your brains and blog for some tips!

    • Oh dear, I wish that was my cabbage, but I took that photo off the internet and I should have made that clear. I only have one tip for the cabbage group, tar paper collars. They work! without them the cabbage moths/worms totally destroy them. and with the bolting, Was it root bound when you planted it? That is usually the culprit.
      Thanks for the visit and please come come back!

  4. Thanks for the tips re the collars, but you may be right in the “pot bound” theory, last year I had a tendency to leave things too long in their seed trays – life got busy, so looking back I wonder if that was the problem. So memo to self plant when the plants are ready and not just yourself!

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