Comfrey Living…..

One of my top ten favorite plants, Comfrey………….. variegated that is:

There it is, at the far left of the photo, just squint.

Here it is at this time of year, just starting to emerge... with an all green off-shoot I see. Argh!

You can see it in two areas in this photo, in front of the pot, and behind.

Now, had I known that I was going to start a blog, I would have taken some better shots, but what evs! Run to your nearest garden center and find one of these. They make a bold focal point anywhere they are planted, they have wonderful lavender and pink blooms which can be used in salads, the bees love them, and they are incredibly rich in nutrients and can be used to make a nutritious tea for your plants and then, when the season is over,  they become a big old jolt of goodness for your compost pile. You’ll be seeing more of this guy as the season progresses, I promise.


3 thoughts on “Comfrey Living…..

  1. I have a wild patch of comfrey – wild being the perfect description as it grows like mad! Is your variegated version a tamer variety? It is a really useful plant though!

    • Hi, yes, much tamer, and beautiful, my photos do not do it justice. They are quite often the star plant that I work around in my gardens and do nicely in full sun to part shade. I’m sure you have it there, it’s England after all, the garden capital of the world! The wild ones kind of drive me crazy- they seem to come up everywhere, so I’m trying to eradicate them, not an easy task.

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