Spring Has Sprung…

Things are starting to brighten up around here. A few days of sunshine has made all the difference in the world and the chorus of bird songs out my window wakes me early in the morning.

Along with all that, the slugs have awakened and are chomping away with a vengeance. So are the deer. Those frickety fracken beasts have whittled down my Lunarias to the nub and even snapped the tulip buds right off. So out have come my scarecrow sprinklers, what a difference they make!

I hope the sun finds all of you today. ‘Till next time…..


6 thoughts on “Spring Has Sprung…

    • Hi, yes it does. I bought a roll of thin copper sheeting on Ebay and then spent an evening in front of the TV cutting 1 1/2″ strips to put on my raised beds. So far, it has been fantastic. The copper gives them a little electric shock, even when it is tarnished. Thanks for commenting and good luck.

    • Hi PJ,
      Here is the truth, Sprinklers keep them away yes, but when I see them in my garden, I am so awestruck by their beauty that I can’t shoo them off. They have the gentlest eyes and I would hug them if they would let me…..I drive my husband nuts the way I won’t let him shoo them off either…. I know, crazy!

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