M.I.A. or…Is Pinterest addicting?

My apologies for ignoring my blog, but I have a new little addiction called Pinterest. They just make it so easy to grab wonderful visions from the Internet! Plus, I don’t have to sort and organize drawers full of magazine clippings (yep, stacks and stacks of my preciouses).

So if you find yourself bored to tears, or just curious, come and check out my array……http://pinterest.com/mosshall/

Just one little bit of magic that I found today....


8 thoughts on “M.I.A. or…Is Pinterest addicting?

  1. WOW… Susan you’ve been so busy! I’m only vaguely aware of Pinterest (believe it or not) but I may have to dive head first into it once I have some more time. I love, love, love your selections which confirms that we have similar tastes!
    I’m not sure how it all works yet but will look into it more… or just keep coming to your site for inspiration and pictures to make my heart sing! Thanks x

    • Dear kindred spirit,
      Thank you for your kind note, but I warn you- it can lead you down a dark road- at least if you have an addictive personality like moi…
      Or- just visit mine, then at least someone other than myself can make use of all my idle time!

      • I’ll take you up on your offer and enjoy your hard work 🙂 I’ve got scrap books full of magazine clippings so it would be good to have everything on line.
        I’m quite lucky in not having an addictive nature but I am prone to avoidance… I’ll be using Pinterest instead of cleaning the oven, doing the laundry, cooking dinner etc. I wish I had known about this in Winter instead of ordering too many seed catalogues!!

  2. I too am an addict, and I do not think there is a 12 step progam for this. I too have toms of magazine tear sheets I have been saving for years, certainly one filing cabinet is full, and another is on its way. Not to mention the room full of magazines that I cannot bear to tear up, so they are bookmarked to the extreme.
    I Love Pinterest, it has saved me!

    • Preach it sister! There needs to be a Hoarders special for this subject. Plus, I know where everything is on Pinterest, so I’m not always truffling through stacks of clippings and folders going “where did I put that, aarrrgh!”

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