Piano Vignette in G Major……

The G being tones of Gold. I am not a natural at displaying things, far from it. So when I get something that clicks, it usually stays like that for a while. This is the top of my piano, featuring all those tones of ebony and gold that look so wonderful together.


Like this:

4 thoughts on “Piano Vignette in G Major……

  1. Susan – I’ve only just realised that your banner for Moss & Ivy is a photograph from your home! It’s such a distinguished display that I honestly assumed it was a stock photo from a beautiful museum somewhere!
    As for you not being a natural at displaying things I would have to disagree – your photos show otherwise (whereas I just fling things together and I’m still waiting for that click!!).
    Great post … you’ve now got me intrigued about those books and painting x

  2. Well you just made my day P.J.!
    I try to use only photos of my place unless of course I say otherwise- oops, I think my first post was not my stuff. oh well.
    Seriously, it is much more impressive in the photo than it is in real life.
    The painting is one that I found on Ebay for a song- maybe $20 I think, I love the colors and the mood and the crackles! The books are from yard sales and the stack in front is actually from my local library. They were for sale in the foyer, tied up with string with a price tag of $3…..I couldn’t dig out 3 bucks fast enough!
    I really am a dunce at putting things together, and In the garden I will end up spending whole days moving the same plants around like musical chairs because I can’t visualize things in my mind, the poor, poor plants. My sister on the other hand, does it for a living, and she blows me away the way she can just toss things together in a few minutes and presto- pure magic…..
    I think we must belong to the mutual admiration club-I never fail to be inspired by your posts!

  3. An enviable collection, I love the subtle painting as the backdrop. Is the wreath in the last picture brass, is it old? Incredible..

    • Thanks Elizabeth,
      Your compliments are always welcome, even if you are my sister and you know the answers to all your questions.
      When are you going to get your blog started?
      Thanks for dropping by!

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