Welcome To My Kitchen….

I live in a small house; not much room for expressing all my interests, so I am forced to cull my collections. Like little altars everywhere, I surround myself with symbols of my soul, and like Sophie’s Choice, I am always forcing myself to choose what I truly love, and to let go of what I don’t.

This is my kitchen (half of it at least). The hub of the home. It contains a strict pallet of white dishes, copper cookware, a collection of antique french market baskets (hanging from the beams) some silver, and a tiny cupboard with a few pieces of my transferware collection.

Tea Service at the ready....

No matter how humble, there is no place like home.


6 thoughts on “Welcome To My Kitchen….

  1. Your copper pans are lovely… is that a jelly mould I see hanging up or a bundt tin? You really do have such an interesting home and I especially like the china crockery – it makes me want to pop over to have a cup of tea with you!
    I used to spend hours cleaning my Grandma’s silver and brass ware and I can still smell the polish when I think about it! Lovely memories x

    • PJ Girl, Thank you for your sweet comment- If only we could travel as quickly as a thought, you would be invited right away. It is a Bundt pan, very scungy when I found it at a yard sale but it cleaned up beautifully. What a nice granddaughter you were, a very lucky grandmother!

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