Paper Dresden

I have a bit of an obsession with paper dresden.  Creating objects that look old and gilded is such an amazing process for me. It took me months of experimentation to find a formula that would age it properly, and I think the finished look is convincing. Here are a few of my pieces. I copied the wreath from Donna O’Brian at The Ribboned Crown – I just had to have my own.  The little “prayer box” is made of paper with some moss tucked in, and the shoe is paper also. I usually get on one of my “jags” around Christmas time, and then it fades away as the gardening season takes over. The little shoe has a rhinestone center, and I added rhinestones to the wreath also- it gives them a bit of sparkle.


3 thoughts on “Paper Dresden

  1. I’ve never heard of this craft before – it’s really beautiful. There’s a fairy tale quality about these objects that makes them quite unique and it must have take you hours! I particularly love the prayer box… you’re very talented Susan!

    • I don’t know that it’s called that per say, but the embossed paper is called Paper Dresden, and it’s made in Germany. Thank you SO much for liking my prayer box- I suppose it should be called a petitions box. It was going to say that in the top slot which is covered by glass, but I forgot to put it in and haven’t had the heart to take it apart to fix it. I made one for my sister that is complete, and I guess this is a kind of mock-up. Thanks again, it is SO appreciated, as I am a bit of a hermit, so I’ve had very little feedback on most of my projects.

  2. You’re welcome Susan… your garden and your craft work has a magical quality that I enjoy learning more about! Keep posting and I’ll keep visiting 😉
    BTW some of the nicest people are hermits x

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