More Vegetables…..

Beautiful sunny day (with snow in the forecast) has left me lusting after visions of flowers and vegetables….Here are some more photos from last years garden….

Blue and green Kales

Red Cabbage- as beautiful as a rose to me, maybe even prettier.

Lauren's Grape Poppies- indispensable in the garden

Coneflowers, Lauren's grape poppy, and Tiger's Eye Staghorn


6 thoughts on “More Vegetables…..

  1. The red cabbages are absolutely stunning! I’m growing red cabbages for the first time this year and your photos have really inspired me. Thanks! I’m really enjoying looking around your garden x

    • PJ Girl- Right back at you. I love reading your posts. And red cabbage- what’s not to love? I always want to get out my paints and paint them, they are so soulful. Here’s to Spring and Veg gardens (and thatched cottages, how I envy you England dwellers)!

  2. Susan, I am enjoying reading through your blog. Where did you find the Laurens Grape poppy seeds? It is gorgeous, and love it with the Tiger Eye. Have you had it seed around your garden? I do know some people who have, I wish mine would, would love to pop them in urns for the summer.

  3. I enjoy your blog and think you are a very talented gardener. Would you like to share your garden with my little garden club in a Yakima Valley?? We would love to visit and you are welcome to take a look at our gardens. Thanks, Patty

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