Ch-ch-ch- Changes

I’m getting older, aren’t we all? And though I keep adding new garden beds, everything is done with an eye to easier upkeep. To that end,  the “old” garden in the back has been going through plenty of upheaval .  So much stuff! I wondered where all my time had gone last year, but when I looked at these old “befores” I saw where. There were lots of trees and shrubs removed and entire beds redone. It’s no wonder the veins in my legs blew……

Orange Pillows

If anyone would have told me that one day I would have ORANGE throw pillows in my garden I would have had them committed.

a view in the opposite direction. I took out that lovely but so time-consuming rambler.

Breathing room! I found that wonderful Italian urn at a yard sale. The family had lived in Italy during some war and had the pottery shipped back when they returned.

I'm pretty happy with it now, but let me tell you, I can spend so many hours/days/weeks moving plants around until I'm happy with any given arrangement. I feel sorry for those little plants. I tend to talk to them when I'm moving them, making promises of more sun/shade/space/whatever they might want, but it doesn't make it any easier. It seems that every spring looks like a war zone


7 thoughts on “Ch-ch-ch- Changes

  1. I love your orange cushions (please don’t have me committed!) and I confess to moving plants around too much as well. Looking at your garden it has been well worth all the work x

    • Thank you so much!!! The orange cushions will stay- in fact, when summer is closer, you will see that it has spread everywhere in my garden- orange umbrellas, orange seat cushions, orange flowers- a nice rusty shade of orange but still- orange!
      I am such a hobbit, so it is nice to have visitors to my garden. My only problem is that WordPress is driving me crazy. It deletes most of my photos. I spend more time ripping out my hair than I do blogging. Have you ever had such a problem?
      I am going to give Blogspot another look. Sorry to be griping at you- can you tell that I’m just a little frustrated? I love that Lond banner at the top, and the size of the photos, but most of my picutres are missing- which makes the writing sound a bit strange. :/

      • My particualr problem is that I’ll spend half an hour that I don’t have writing a post, and will then save it was a draft that later needs severe editing and which I end up deleting as often as not. And I have been having some trouble with your site. It tends to load rather slowly, but I still find it worth visiting. And clicking on the pictures tends to bring them up.

  2. Hi Susan – I must admit to being fairly happy with wordpress but I did notice 2 identical photos had been submitted and I’m sure it wasn’t me! I’ve just popped in to say I couldn’t find a comment box on your last post? Maybe the WordPress police have confiscated due to you thinking of venturing to the dark side of Blogspot! Ha ha!
    I wanted to comment that I had know idea what Arugula is! Thankfully google came to my rescue and I now realise that it’s known as Rocket here and, I agree, it’s gorgeous!!

  3. More splendid views of your garden! If you are tired of moving any of your plants around at your place, feel free to send them my way 🙂 And yes I also love your orange cushions.

    • Thanks, yes, if I EVER get done moving- that is what I am going to be doing today. Get set to see more orange this year, I seem to be having a definite fixation on that color!

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